Ev Rider - Vision - P13


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Ev Rider - Vision - P13

Ev Rider - Vision - P13 - Electric WheelChair


  • An elevation of 12 inches
  • An 18x20 or 18x22 length seat size options
  • Removable side panels, adjustable armrests, swing-away and elevating leg-rests
  • Supports 350 pounds of load, while itself weighing 231 pounds
  • The battery is 12V 50Ah, and one charge offers a range of 20 miles
  • The 14-inches rear and 8 inches front caster wheels are both foam-filled.
  • A speed of 5 Miles per Hour
  • Includes two 600 watt motors
  • A thermal rollback system, with built-in circuit monitors, temperature regulators, and motor voltage and speed controllers.
  • 1-year warranty
  • Cup Holder Included Free
  • Side Arm Bag Included Free
  • Free Shipping


One of Heartway USA’s many powerful, fun, safe, safe, high-quality and luxurious handicap chairs is the P13 Vision. The P13 Vision is a heavy duty, battery-operated, rehab-seat and wheelchair.

    Heartway USA came out with this super durable, quality-meets-comfort wheelchair for maximum maneuverability and weight-supporting functions. At a fairly reasonable price of thirty-five hundred dollars, an elevation of 18 inches and a travel range of 20 miles, this wheelchair ensures easy and comfy outdoor as well as indoor maneuverability.

    The Heartway P-13 Vision wheelchair comes with a handy manual with detailed instructions on the assembling, components, safety instructions, affected environmental conditions, seating comfort adjustments guide, remote control, battery and charger operation and a maintenance and repair guide.

    This is one of the smartest, leisure-friendly, budget-adapted and disability-flexible products for handicapped customers of all kinds: kids, seniors, or the average middle-aged disabled person.


    • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
    • Seat Type: 18"/20"/22"
    • Drive Wheel: 14"x3"
    • Front Caster: 8"x2"
    • Rear Caster: 4"x1.4"
    • Max Speed: 5 MPH
    • Battery Specifications: 12V 50Ah 2pcs
    • Battery Range: 20 miles
    • Charger Type: 5Amp,Off Board 120/240 Volt 
    • Controller Type: VR2 60Amp+A1
    • Motor Type: 5100 rpm 600W 27.5:1 x 2pcs
    • Weight w/ Battery: 231 lbs
    • Weight w/o Battery: 163 lbs
    • Turning Radius: 30.5"
    • Suspension: Anti-tipper Wheel
    • Length: 45"
    • Wide: 25"
    • Height: 47"
    • Seat Width: 18"
    • Seat Heigth: 20"
    • Seat Depth: 18"
    • Back Height: 27"
    • Wheel Base: 16.5"
    • Footrest: 17.7"  ~ 21.7"
    • SKU: P13