Travel Dining Tray


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Travel Dining Tray

Car Meal Plate & Cup Holder Tray / Car Backseat Food Tray with Bottle Cup Holder / Travel Dining Tray

Product Description

Car multi functional tray/ car restaurant table/ car drink. Holder. This multi functional tray is used as a car restaurant table. Or a car drink holder during the travelling. It can be used to. Place drinks, foods, and any small things you want. The tray also. Can be gathered when not be used. This car drink holder is a very nice way to hold your favorite can, bottle, or cup. Contemporary design automobile meal plate enhances interior. It holds cups, bottles or cans and your meal at the same time. Meal plate drink holder featuring durable plastic construction. Long-distance drive good assistant. The car multi functional tray is fund that it is easy install and use.