Pride Raptor - R3-1700 - 3 Wheel


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Pride Raptor - R3-1700 - 3 Wheel

Pride Raptor - R3-1700 - 3 Wheel


  • Regenerative Hand Brake System: Gradually slows down the scooter when the throttle is released
  • Full LED Lighting Package: Front and rear LED lights and directional signals offer full visibility
  • Easy-to-Read LCD Console: Shows estimated speed, miles driven and battery life
  • Rear Under Seat Storage: Lockable compartment with seat support rod stores your personal items
  • Free 1 Year Liberty In Home Service $100 Value
  • Free Standard Shipping
  • Free Front Basket
  • Free Cup Holder, Safety Flag, Armrest Safety Bag


                                    • Weight capacity of 400 pounds, with the scooter itself, weight 208 pounds without the batteries
                                    • The speed of 14 miles per hour on smooth, uneven surface
                                    • Ground clearance of 3.5 inches
                                    • Turning radius of 60 inches
                                    • Front and Rear tires of 3x16 inches
                                    • High back 100-degree limited recline seating
                                    • Regenerative hand brake system with a gradual slow-down throttle mechanism
                                    • Full LED front and rear lighting package that offers directional signals and full visibility
                                    • Easy to Read LCD Console system that displays the speed, driven miles, and the battery consumption levels
                                    • Accessories include a cup-holder, a safety flag, and a saddlebag
                                    • Under-the-rear seat lockable compartment for storing your personal items.
                                    • 2-year limited warranty on electronics and drive train and a lifetime warranty on the frame
                                    • Forward / Reverse Control


                                    The Raptor 3-Wheel is a self-proclaimed high-tech, high-speed, sleekly-designed, robust scooter made for a community-style drive. Some of the key features of the Raptor 3-Wheel include the following

                                      Starting off with the biggest plus point that sets the Raptor 3-Wheel apart from the rest of the items on our list is the peace-of-mind meeting testing standards. The Raptor 3-Wheel ensures safety, durability, ergonomics, reliability, environment-friendly, flammability-compliance, electromagnetic compatibility performance, and others are all verified, tested, and approved by the FDA, ANSI, RESNA, EMC and more.

                                      Adding to that special feature is an up-to-date, regenerative braking system and a full-LED front and rear lighting package to offer maximum safety and visibility on terrains of all kinds, smooth or rough. Another user-friendly feature of the Raptor 3-Wheel would be the easy-to-read LCD console which displays the mileage, battery consumption, and estimated speed.

                                      A cherry on top is the under-seat lock and key storage compartment for personal items. While the “don’t just drive, fly!” slogan and the ‘fastest scooter up to date’ claims at 14 Miles Per Hour are self-proclaimed, this scooter has good-enough features for its price and mileage.


                                      • Model: Raptor 3-Wheel
                                      • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
                                      • Front Tire: 3"x16"
                                      • Rear Tires: 3"x16"
                                      • Maximum Speed: 14 mph
                                      • Ground Clearance: 3.5" at center of frame
                                      • Turning Radius: 60"
                                      • Length/Width: 59"/24.75"
                                      • Seating: High back 20w x 18d (100° Limited Recline)
                                      • Seat-to-Ground: 28"
                                      • Weight (w/o Batteries): 208 lbs.
                                      • Seat-to-Deck: 19"
                                      • Battery Weight: 53 lbs. each
                                      • Battery Requirements: 75 (AH)
                                      • Per Charge Range (Max.) : 19 miles (up to 400 lbs. and full speed)
                                      • 31 miles (up to 220 lbs. and at low speed)
                                      • Battery Charger: 8 amp
                                      • Suspension: Front and rear
                                      • Weight of Heaviest Piece: (unit does not disassemble)
                                      • Warranty: 2 year limited