(Border Collie) Pet Gifts Coaster Buddies, Dogs &Amp; Cats, Car &Amp; Truck Cup Holder, Absorbant Ceramic, 2.65 Inch Size


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(Border Collie) Pet Gifts Coaster Buddies, Dogs &Amp; Cats, Car &Amp; Truck Cup Holder, Absorbant Ceramic, 2.65 Inch Size
  • Automotive Cupholder Coaster - Fits 2.65 Inches

  • Super Absorbant - Collects Wet Residue from Drinks

  • Custom Printed with Pet of Your Choice - Sublimated in the USA

  • Gloss Finish for a Shiny Coaster Design

  • Over 100 Designs to choose from

  • Color : Border Collie

Pet Gifts USA Coaster Buddies High Quality Car/Truck Coasters with your favorite Pet on it! We have a variety of animals to choose from that will remind you of your pet, wherever you travel. Our Car Coasters are 2.65 Inches in size and universally fit most Car coasters. They are made of a super absorbant Ceramic material that will soak up wet spots in the cupholder. Check out all our Breeds. Product Variations Include: alaskan malamute, american bulldog, american eskimo, australian cattle dog, Australian, basset, beagle, belgian malinois, belgian sheepdog, belgian tervurn, bernese mountain dog, bichon frise, bloodhound, border collie, border terrier, boston terrier, boxer, boykin spaniel, brittany, bulldog, cairn terrier, cane corso, cat, tabby, maine coon, siamese, catahoula leopard dog, cavalier king charles spaniel, chihuahua, chinese crested, chiweenie, cockapoo, cocker spaniel, collie, corgi fawn and white, coton de tulear, dachshund, doberman pinscher, french bulldog, german shepherd, german shorthaired pointer, golden retriever, Goldendoodle, great dane, great pyrenees, greyhound, havanese, irish setter, italian greyhound, jack russell terrier, japanese chin, keeshond, lab chocolate, lab yellow, labradoodle, leonberger, lhasa apso, maltse, maltsipoo, mastiff, miniature pinscher, newfoundland, norwegian elkhound, papillon, pekingese, pit bull, Pomeranian, poodle, pug, puggle, rat terrier, rhodesian ridgeback, rottweiler, saint bernard, samoyed, schipperke, schnauzer, schnoodle, scottish terrier, shar-pei, sheltie, shiba inu, shih-tzu, siberian husky, soft coated wheaten terrier, springer spaniel, vizsla, westie, whippet, Weimaraner, yorkie