Valentines Red Velvet Cakes & Cake Jars


Cake Ingredients:

125g Unsalted Butter

300g Caster Sugar

2 Large Eggs

30g Cocoa Powder

1tsp Red Food Colouring

1tsp Vanilla Extract

300g Plain Flour

1tsp Salt

300ml Buttermilk

1tsp White Wine Vinegar

1tsp Bicarbonate of Soda


  1. Set oven to 180 degrees.
  2. Cream together the butter and caster sugar until smooth
  3. Add eggs to mixture and mix
  4. Trial & error I had read about mixing cocoa powder, red colouring and vanilla extract together with a little water until a paste forms before adding to the mixture, however when doing this I found that it didnt create a paste so as the cocoa powder is too powdery coincidence
  5. So I added red food colouring to the original mixture and mixed in until I had the desired colour
  6. Add cocoa powder and vanilla extract and mix together
  7. Mix half of the flour and half of the buttercream into the mixture and then add the final half and mix together
  8. In a mug, add the white wine vinegar and bicarb of soda, this will fizz slightly
  9. Mix the fizzy liquid into the cake mixture
  10. Split the mixture into 2 cake tins and place in the oven for 25-30 minutes, until a stick comes out clear


450g Full Fat Cream Cheese

125g Unsalted Butter

250g Icing Sugar

1tsp Vanilla Extract


  1. Cream together cream cheese and butter until smooth
  2. Add vanilla extract and gradually sieve icing sugar, stirring into the mixture
  3. Ensure mixture is smooth, then add to piping bag ready to decorate

Decoration & Assembly:

Heart Cookie Cutter

Punnet Of Strawberries

Bar of milk cooking chocoalte

Bar of white cooking chocolate

Edible Silver Glitter

  1. Whilst cakes are cooling, melt white chocolate and milk chocolate and coat strawberries, place in fridge to set
  2. Once cakes are cooled, use small heart shaped cookie cutter to cut 4 hearts out of each cake
  3. Leave to completely cool, and then cut each heart in half horizontally
  4. Add cream cheese filling using piping bag in the middle and on the top decorating as you wish
  5. Once strawberry chocolate is set, add to the top of cakes
  6. Shimmer silver glitter over the top

Cake Jars:

Once hearts have been cut out of the large cakes, use remainder to create cake jar, layering sponge, cream cheese, strawberries, cake and decorated with cream cheese, strawberries and glitter.

The perfect recipe for Valentines/Galentines Day or just a little weekly treat for yourself!


Shanice xox

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