oh man, there are so many cute things at H&M home right now. a small round up below but really you should dig around for yourself because there are some very cool things (like that printed tablecloth above). i love that theyre doing 100% linen bathrobes for $50.

cotton velvet cover$18 the soft peach color with the contrasted piping feels very elegant. it comes in two sizes and three different color ways.

stoneware vase$30 a statement piece all on its own with or without anything in it. and the reviews of people who have purchased are shining!

plant pot$18 this also comes in two sizes. if youve ever tried to shop for fun and interesting planters you know that they are generally hard to find and/or very expensive. this one is a win/win.

green glass vase$25 i did a deep dive on vases recently. i wanted something simple, glass but beautiful and this is one of my favorites that i found.

small metal tray$15 make sure to read the dimensions because this tray is small but i love the idea of using it on your bedside table for earrings, and little trinkets or in the kitchen for salt and spices.

ceramic toothbrush mug$18 looking to add this to my bathroom counter top asap. chic and practical!

ceramic vase$18 would be fun to display a few in varying sizes on the side of a fire place or in the middle of a big coffee table.

fluted glass$6 water, wine or whiskey on the rocks would all be beautiful served out of these glasses.

wooden bowls$18 a set of wooden bowls to lay out with cocktail snacks like olives, crackers, nuts, etc.

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