10 Tricks Our Grandparents Used That Will Help You Every Day


We use the power of the internet to look for solutions to our household problems. However, there are some methods that were used by our grandparents a long time ago. They have been working for years so why don’t you make use of them, too? If by any chance you forget them, just come back here and read this article again!

# 1 Sharpening knives

If you don’t have a knife-sharpener at hand, all you need to do is to turn around a mug or a plate and rub the knife against the bottom edge.

#2 Making breadcrumbs

The easiest way to make breadcrumbs is to freeze a loaf of bread and then grate it on the smallest holes’ side.

#3 Use salt to make your cleaning easier

Use salt instead of cream cleaner. All you need to do is to put a lot of salt onto the burnt surface. Leave it there until the cooker cools down and clean with a wet cloth. No need to scrub!

# How to peel a carrot very quickly

It’s much easier to peel a carrot with a scourer. Remember to use a new one, not the one you have just used to wash up!

#5 Safe manicure while cleaning

To prevent any holes in your rubber gloves and damaging your new nails, make some cotton wool balls into the rubber glove fingers.

#6 Preserve the taste

Preserve the taste of garlic leaving it in a container with some salt. It won’t go dry and tasteless.

#7 Drying woolen clothes

The best way to dry a woolen sweater is to put… pantyhose inside. Pull the legs of pantyhose through the sweater sleeves. Hang it the way shown in the photo. The sweater won’t get stretched and will dry much faster.

#8 Cleaning up a broken egg

It is easier to remove a broken egg from the floor if you pour it with some salt. Leave it there for about 5 minutes and clean it all with a dustpan and a brush.

#9 Tangled shoelaces

Put some talcum powder on a tightly tangled shoelaces. You will undo them more easily.

#10 Fight insects

Put a bay leaf inside a sugar bowl, bread bin or plant pots. That will keep away ants, midges and other insects.

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